Environmental Energy Award

SolarVenti Ltd. Denmark Receives Environmental Energy Award

SolarVenti received the prestigious Environmental Energy Award 2010 during the "Opening Debate of Energy Policy" on October 2010 at the Danish Parlement in Christiansborg

The small statuette created by artist Keld Moseholm is a bronze sculpture showing three working blacksmiths

Acknowledged for both its products and and long time perseverance, SolarVenti was presented with the award by Minister of Climate and Energy Lykke Friis, together with Henning Nielsen, deputy chairman of the Danish Metal Industry.

The Enviromental Energy Award is presented to a company which has developed a product that secures a clear improvement in the use of free energy and thus creates an enviromental advantage to society.

The Climate and Energy Minister, Lykke Friis, stressed the importance of a company like SolarVenti, which is able to develop energy systems with a positive climate impact and support job creation in Denmark.

In his acceptance speech at the award ceremony Hans Jørgen Christensen reassured the minister that SolarVenti products do not need financial support from the government.

“On the contrary. The sales of our products provide a lot of money for the state in terms of taxes and V.A.T. People buy our products, because these products solve a real problem of moist in people’s houses and homes. At the same time, the air solar collectors help saving heating costs and maintenance.”

Hans Jørgen Christensen did, however, encourage the politicians to do something effectively on behalf of the business, the environment and the state income, namely as quickly as possible to establish a quality control of air solar collectors through official measurement standards and possible certification. Simply because the market is in danger of being flooded with products which are definitely not all of a serious nature.

“As an independent company we cannot ourselves afford to do this on behalf of the business. And unserious products can easily ruin the positive view on air solar collectors which SolarVenti for many years were the only company to offer. We need competition, but it must be a fair one”, ended Hans Jørgen Christensen.

Minister of Climate and Energy Lykke Friis, Hans Jørgen Christensen, SolarVenti and Henning Nielsen from “DS” at the ceremony

The participants at the conference “Opening Debate of Energy Policy” in in the Main Hall of the Danish parliament, Christiansborg

Hans Jørgen Christensen, director SolarVenti Ltd.