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Solar air collectors with high reliable performance
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SolarVenti Ltd. has 38 years of experience in the development, production and professional servicing of solar air collectors. Today, we are market leaders, with more than 90,000 SolarVenti systems operating with satisfied customers in large parts of the world.

Today, SolarVenti’s solar air collectors are all using our own patent, which is now valid in most of the world. This gives SolarVenti models numerous advantages in terms of performance, reliability and maintenance...

About the patent and construction

SolarVenti’s patented technology is – simply explained – a particular intake of fresh air to the panel through many hundreds of small holes on the backside of the panel. The intake is important for the construction overall.


The particular intake is, among other things, important for the high efficiency and the operational security of the systems.

The very large filter, which is stretched out across the whole inside of the particular intake back panel of the SolarVenti means that the systems are always kept clean and maintenance-free, also in the long term. The felt stopps particles larger than 0.08 mm (80 Micron). When the fan is off - in sunshine, the temperature in the felt exceeds 75 degrees C. Germs and other particles are dried out and expelled.

100% operational security
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See how it cools itself:
Uniform SolarVenti cooling

With the 100% secure self-cooling of the SolarVenti system, the solar cell andventilator can never be damaged from extraordinarily high panel temperatures. The self-cooling will always function, independent of a power supply.

Contrary to competing systems with an extra cooling ventilator – which can break and cause heat damage to the solar cell and ventilator – it would seem useful and simple to let an extra ventilator cool the inside of the solar collector, and at the same time let it draw warm air out of the house and through the panel when sun and summer is at their warmest.

But that is not a good idea. Sending ’used air’ out from the inside through a solar air collector panel will in the short or long run cause deposits inside the panel, which will then need to be removed, dismantled and cleaned.

100% silent self cooling

The self-cooling of the solar collector is 100% silent. With its patented design, the panel cannot be broken by technical reasons.

Cooling with the air collector already installed

SolarVenti solar collectors are suitable for cooling the interior of the house when the outside temperature is too hot.

More information here.

Maintenance-free filter
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The filter in a SolarVenti is huge and takes up the whole surface of the back panel. It is maintenance-free and will under normal circumstances never get blocked.

This means that the user will avoid problems of non-cooling of the solar cell and ventilator inside the panel, caused by a blocked filter, which then causes a weakened flow and performance of the panel..

Small panel – big performance
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The position of the solar cell inside the panel means that - combined with an optimized internal air flow and a specifically developed and tuned SV regulator unit – SolarVenti systems have a particularly high output per visible surface area on the solar collector panel.

In other words: smaller solar air collector panel with a bigger effect.

Lowest possible panel thickness

Air intake through many small holes on the whole surface of the back panel creates a particular ’cushion’ which allows SolarVenti to avoid isolation of the back plate on the panel.

And thus – without loss of performance – has decreased the total thickness of the panel down to 5.5 centimeters for the models SV3, SV7, SV14 and SV20.

Maximal use of heat from wall to roof
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Since the SolarVenti ’breathes’ into the filter through the many hundreds of holes distributed across the aluminum back plate of the panel, the intake has no ‘vacuum effect’. The air is drawn in quietly through a large surface towards the small holes, and therefore only draws very little dust into the panel.

The quiet air stream towards the many intake holes in the panel further means that heat from underlying wall- and roof-surfaces are drawn in to a large extent and are used inside the solar panel.

An SV Regulator Unit optimized for solar cells

SolarVenti's internally developed SV Regulator Unit improves the performance of the solar cell further by approx. 15-20% because the SV regulator is specifically developed for 12V solar cell operation.

The small computer of the regulator will – in relation to the energy of the actual installation – continually maintain an optimal work tension inside the power-producing solar cell.

This electronic regulation of the way that the solar cell works causes a marked improvement of the ventilators’ performance, and therefore of the total performance of the system.

Great technical and commercial service

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SolarVenti has experience with more than 80,000 systems in the field – both in countries as far north as Greenland and Lapland and, at the other end, Southern Europe and Australia with the toughest sun conditions.

We know that our systems hold up. And we know that they hold up for a long time. Most of our systems produced and mounted back in 1986 are still running without problems.

Our well-extended net of distributors ensures that SolarVenti owners always have access to qualified help and service.

Measurements and performance numbers

Measurements and performance numbers for solar air collectors can be used and abused. And they are used – and abused. See more under: Facts and Hot Air

SolarVenti performance has also been independently measured by the DELTA Centre of Test Excellence, one of four sub centers under DANETV (Danish Centre for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies). Here the Solarventi SV7 is compared to two similar models from competing Companies. Download report