• SolarVenti dehumidifier
  • Remove mold and humidity
  • SolarVenti Professional Dehumidification, Ventilation, Climate
  • SolarVenti dehumidifier
  • Remove mold and humidity
  • SolarVenti Professional Dehumidification, Ventilation, Climate

SolarVenti – SOLAR POWERED Dehumidification AND warm air ventilation

SolarVenti dehumidifiers and warm air ventilation system eliminates humidity, mold, fungi and Radon gas in your house, apartment, basement, garage and more. SolarVenti works with solar energy, without operating costs, with minimum maintenance up to 15 years. The system is completely autonomous, with no need to connect it to the electricity grid. Apart from making it environmentally superior, this also makes it perfect for your holiday home or cottage, as well as your home, garage or wherever you might need dehumidification or improved air quality. Contact your local dealer for more information and a quotation.

Heat pump / Air conditioning

Heat pump / Air conditioning or SolarVenti?


Read here when considering one or both. The two things can work very well together - but in a cottage the heat pump should normally not be the only source. There are good reasons for this ....


ABC of air collector

ABC of the solar warm air collector

luft abc

For a quick overview of the most important things that cause humidity in buildings, especially in basements and buildings that are not used in winter, read here ...


"The best little thing I've ever bought"

"The best little thing I've ever bought"


“I got a SolarVenti 14 installed six months ago, in my cottage, and I'm really excited. The humid air has completely disappeared while providing plenty of free heat.


How it works...

"How the SolarVenti works"

function videoramme

Video info.

See how it works...

Best in test!

"SolarVenti the best in tests!"


Video info.

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Save on heating costs

The solar warm air panels SolarVenti provide ventilation while heating as it blows in clean and warm air to your home, up to 40 º C above the outside temperature.

Not only will you save energy by adding heat, it also saves energy by dehumidifying your home. Air is easier to heat than water, so when heating less humid air less energy is used to heat, and you heat from a warmer base. The thermal jump is lower and in periods of the year or seasons without extreme temperatures, SolarVenti can be sufficient.


Remove mold & fungus at home

End the problem of mold and fungus with SolarVenti.

Effective solar thermal ventilation with SolarVenti eliminates mold and fungus in your home, apartment, cottage, storage room, garage and more.

Mold and fungi appear due to moisture problems in the home. With SolarVenti it is easy to eliminate, you do not need works or other externalities, only the forced ventilation created by SolarVenti that leaves the house dry and ventilated with a healthy environment.

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Moisture problems?

SolarVenti is the solution against moisture problems.

SolarVenti prevents and removes moisture.

There is no better dehumidifier, we dehumidify and provide heating.

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Reduce humidity and improve air quality

There's nothing like coming home after a long
day to unwind in your house breathing fresh healthy air.
Reduce humidity and improve air quality

Healthy Environment

Improves indoor air quality for a better living
with a clean, dry air at home.

Reduce humidity and improve air quality

Excellent for attics, basements

Reduces and eliminates odours, mold or mildew,
reducing mainenance costs and improving lifetimes.

How SolarVenti works

llustration of how the SolarVenti
solar warm air collector works.
How SolarVenti works

How it works

Click to see a small video
how SolarVenti reduces humidity and mold.

How SolarVenti works

Solarventi explained

SolarVenti panels reduce mold and humidity,
while improving ventilation.
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5 Years Warranty

SolarVenti developed, tested and patented since 1981
superior quality with 5 years warranty.
Installation in all Spain.
5 Years Warranty

At your disposal

Installation and service personnel
throughout Spain.

5 Years Warranty

Warranty 5 years

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SolarVenti is unique.

Make Your Home a Healthier Place to Live in

The image of a healthy and comfortable home is incomplete without a nice, warm, dry house free of mold and mildew caused by moisture-laden air. When we think about the atmosphere in our homes, we might think the air is dry. But there's also a huge amount of moisture around us too, which is not a good sign. But you know what? Most homes can avoid moisture and mold formation by having timely maintenance, proper daylight, and of course, a good ventilation system.

Talking about a good ventilation system, it can bring fresh, dry air into your home whilst leaving out damp foul air from the home. High humidity causes several kinds of problems such as it can make clothing go moldy, computers go rusty, and it's bad for your health too. This is why you need to create a healthy environment inside your abode.

A scientific study of the health effects of relative humidity indoors states that high-level humidity can lead to respiratory infections and allergies. Plus, the survival or contamination of airborne-transmitted infectious bacteria and viruses can be lowered down by exposure to relative humidity levels between 40% and 70%.

So, if your house is facing issues like problematic dampness, it’s time to opt for a ventilation system. As the experts in home ventilation, here at SolarVenti, we will be delighted to help you with our efficient air ventilation and dehumidification solutions!

SolarVenti - Your All-in-One Solution to Humidity, Mold, Fungi, and Radon Gas

SolarVenti dehumidifiers and warm air ventilation systems are proven to be very effective in eliminating humidity, mold, fungi, and Radon gas from your house, apartment, basement, garage, and more.

What’s so special about our products is the fact that they have minimal operating costs because they use solar energy. Additionally, they come with perks such as minimum maintenance for up to 15 years. Isn’t that impressive?

Our solar air heating or warm air ventilation system is completely self-directed as it needs no electric connection to work. The idea was to make it utterly environment-friendly so that it would be perfect for your holiday home, villa, cottage, or wherever you might need dehumidification or better air quality.

We are trusted by Thousands of Customers for Years Now

More than 70,000 people acknowledge that SolarVenti provides them above-the-notch solutions to problems such as moist and unsound indoor climate - without any operating costs. With our solar ventilation products, the overall moisture content of your building materials and the furniture will be lowered down quickly and efficiently.

An increasing number of customers find SolarVenti competent at eliminating moisture and creating a healthy indoor climate in houses designed for year-round use. We are always committed to helping our clients with our solar warm air ventilation system for creating healthier and safer living environments for their families.

Have any requirements? Don’t hesitate to talk to us!