Remove mold efficiently with our solar powered dehumidifier

SolarVenti eliminates moisture

The SolarVenti warm air ventilation panels are highly efficient and cost saving dehumidifiers. Read on to find out how SolarVenti works and why it is such a good solution to humidity problems.

Humidity problems
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What causes humidity problems? The heat differences between day and night combined with the fact that warm air can hold more moisture than cold air creates a situation where warm humid air enters the building during the day and when the air cools down it releases exess humidity in form of condensation. This can be experienced most easily on cold surfaces, such as windows or walls but the moist penetrates into furniture, wooden surfaces and can cause oxidation and rust on metal surfaces. As too many have experienced, indoors humidity can also cause mold and funghi to grow.

What can you do to fix damp, humidity and condensation problems?
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Most humidity problems in spanish building would has its root cause in insufficient ventilation. With an intelligent ventilation system, damp, condensation and humidity can be fixed. This is where SolarVenti comes in.
SolarVenti uses solar energy to heat the outside air. Using a built in solar cell, it powers a fan to force this warm air into the building. As the air has been heated by the solar panel, it can hold more humidity and if there is an access of humidity in walls, furniture and it is released into the dry warm air and can be transported out of the building through ordinary passive ventilation channels. This has the positive side-effect of eliminating mold.

Why is SolarVenti better than a traditional ventilation system?

There are several reasons why SolarVenti is a better choice. Using solar energy, it is completely autonomous and needs no power input from the grid. This saves money in the long run, as well as the environment. Secondly, it is maintenace free. One of our professionals install the panel and once it's in place it does the job quietly and efficiently.
You will also save energy and money on your heating bill. Since SolarVenti heats the air you don't need as much heating and dry air doesn't require as much energy to be heated. So it's a double treat to the wallet.

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